Advanced turning and milling course

04 September - EBT Lab
Prijs: €52.00
Inschrijvingen: 4/4

The turning and milling courses given by Willie ter Elst have made quite a name for themselves. This year Simon Stevin and Willie present the advanced turning and milling course. This course is a great opportunity for students who already followed a turning and milling course to dive deeper into the technique and craftmanship. 8 lessons will be scheduled in the first four weeks of the academic year. The schedule will be made in cooperation with Willie and the participants. Location: EBT-Lab, Gemini-Noord Time and date: for discussion Costs: €22,50 euro (excl. €30,- deposit) Enrollment from 11-08 until 28-08 Pay attention! You may only register when you completed the basic turning and milling course.